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  Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
  Steel Grating
  welded wire mesh
  welded wire mesh panels
  hexagonal wire netting
  barbed wire
  Razor wire
  window screen
  fiberglass mesh
  expaned metal sheet
  iron wire
  iron nail
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Dongbai Development, Anping
County, Hebei, P. R. China.
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AnPing WanHua Hardware Products Co., Ltd. has modern production and insepcton equipment to produce various welded wire mesh, welded wire mesh panels, hexagonal wire netting, barbed wire, Razor wire, window screen, fiberglass mesh, expaned metal sheet, iron wire, iron nail and wire processed products. These products are widely used in road, construction, petroleum, chemical and machine manufacturing.

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As many of our materials are held in stock, we provide a rapid delivery service with after sales service to ensure customer satisfaction.